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Suspended account status during COVID-19 shutdown

Due to the incredible impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions being put in place across the country, we have been forced to make some temporary changes to free and paid CarGurus Listings services, effective April 1 in all of Canada.

Specifically, we are creating a new “suspended” status for dealers who cancel their subscriptions due to the crisis, and temporarily suspending our free Restricted (formerly “Basic”) listings program.

Here’s how the temporary suspension will work:

  • Your inventory will still be visible to shoppers but you won’t be receiving leads.
  • Shoppers will be able to register their interest in specific vehicles, and we’ll save that information. When you return to a paying status, we’ll deliver the queued up leads that came in while your dealership was closed with full contact information, giving you the chance to follow up with customers when you reopen
  • Dealers returning to the free Restricted package will receive your usual anonymous leads when we reactivate the Restricted listings program.
    We’ll also let those shoppers know when you are once again available to receive leads.

Of course as previously announced, our paying customers can also choose to remain active, get their usual full service, and get 50% off their rate for services provided in April.

We hope to return you to your normal level of service as quickly as possible once consumer activity returns to normal. And we hope you, your family, and your dealership staff are staying as safe as possible. Please reach out to your rep or 1-800-CARGURUS if you have any questions.