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New CarGurus 2021 Buyer Insight Report dives into car-shopping journey in Canada

What goes into the car-shopping journey for the average auto shopper? What happens when a global pandemic disrupts the auto industry?

At a time when dealers must adapt and evolve their marketing and selling processes in order to succeed, these questions are crucial. The inaugural CarGurus 2021 Buyer Insight Report for Canada, released today, aims to provide the answers. The report analyzes the digital purchase paths of more than 1,500 Canadian auto shoppers to give an in-depth look at today’s complex buying journey. Key findings include:

  • Car shoppers start the process full of uncertainty. Most (64%) are undecided on where to buy at the beginning, and about half are undecided on make (46%) and model (50%).
  • Despite their initial uncertainty, shoppers narrow their consideration set significantly before taking action. On auto shopping sites, 83% wait to submit a lead until they are at least somewhat certain the vehicle is a good fit, and about half (47%) wait until they’re very/extremely certain.
  • Due to the pandemic, many shoppers are considering buying a car online for the first time. Before Covid, 35% said they were open to buying online. Now, 53% are.
  • Car ownership is here to stay. While the way people buy cars may change in the next decade, nearly all (95%) plan to maintain or increase the number of vehicles in their households.

These valuable insights can be used to better target and reach ready-to-buy shoppers and, ultimately, help you sell more cars. To learn more about today’s digital car shoppers, download the CarGurus 2021 Buyer Insight Report.