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Why every dealership should embrace mobile marketing

Posted by Amylou McBride on August 2, 2018

In 2019, Canadians are projected to spend more time viewing media on mobile than desktop for the first time, according to eMarketer. Mobile puts a wealth of information at shoppers’ fingertips, and it is disrupting the way people find and engage with brands throughout their buying journey.

To connect with these potential customers, your dealership needs to invest in an effective mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing goes beyond email marketing—it brings your inventory to your buyer’s mobile devices and makes all of your content easily accessible. If your business is not marketing effectively on mobile, it’s missing its chance to stay competitive and reach shoppers where they feel comfortable.

What is mobile marketing?

First, a quick definition: mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy that is focused on reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices via websites, email, texting, social media, and other apps. When done correctly, mobile marketing can help dealers reach customers, or potential customers, with valuable information, even when they’re on the go.

Why your dealership needs a mobile marketing strategy

With 76% of Canadians using smartphones to gather information for the purchase of a product or service, mobile marketing is no longer optional—it’s a must. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons:

  • It’s available to everyone: Mobile marketing isn’t just for the new tech start up or huge dealer groups with massive marketing departments—it’s suitable for any dealership looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Every dealership, regardless of size and location, can capitalise on this opportunity.
  • The mobile buyer is a valuable customer: Mobile shoppers use their devices to gather information, research an array of products and services, and make online decisions and purchases. And, as consumers become increasingly mobile, dealers can use mobile marketing strategies to influence these high-quality shoppers along their journey. With 39% of auto-related mobile searches in Canada leading to a conversion (a visit to a dealership, a purchase made, or a form filled out, for example), mobile marketing is a strategy that cannot be overlooked.
  • It provides an opportunity to reach a large audience: According to a CarGurus survey, 71% of car shoppers say they shop and research on a mobile device, and 39% shop and research exclusively on a mobile device. Mobile marketing provides a way to target your customer where they are comfortable, providing a more personal and engaging experience.

Tips to get started with your mobile marketing strategy

While there are a variety of ways your dealership can improve its mobile marketing strategy, it’s best to start with some of the basics:

  • Make your webpage mobile-friendly: There’s nothing that will turn a buyer away from your dealership faster than a slow-running site—64% of mobile users will abandon a web page if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds. Invest in a fast, user-friendly website to retain leads and bring them one step closer to making a purchase.
  • Use SMS to personalize your marketing: Test sending concise, respectful SMS messages straight to your target audience’s personal devices. SMS is a powerful channel for mobile marketing. This is made clear by the fact that SMS open rates are 98% compared to 22% for email. Don’t overdo it, though! Bombarding shoppers with text messages is both annoying and counterproductive—and in many places, SMS marketing needs to meet certain legal requirements. Even if not mandated by law in your area, it’s a good idea to give consumers a convenient way to opt out of future messaging.
  • Create an app: Having an app version of your mobile website is another way to market to your shopper on their phone. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all the information your dealership can provide to shoppers—direct advertising for sales and promotions, a channel for communication and transactions. Above all, having an app will help your dealership stand out from the rest, ultimately creating brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Meet the mobile buyer where they are

Mobile isn’t the future of marketing and business, it’s the present—and it’s a trend that will continue to progress. Dealerships need to ensure they have a cohesive mobile marketing strategy to stay competitive in the evolving digital landscape. Mobile marketing is easy to implement, and it’s a powerful tool for reaching today’s online consumers.

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