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Topic: lead generation

Diversify your advertising to broaden your audience and generate more sales leads

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on April 18, 2018

Successful dealers understand that today’s car buyer checks several sources before setting foot in a dealership

Car dealers interested in reaching the broadest car buying audience need to cast a wide net and invest their online advertising budget in a variety of lead sources. Data from comScore shows that there are unique audiences to be found on many of the different third-party lead generation websites. A case in point: 55% of CarGurus traffic doesn’t visit another leading car shopping website.

According to, investing in just one channel creates dependency and contract lock-in. Diversity keeps your brand fresh, interesting and engaging. Dealers should consider the prospect of managing and tracking multiple digital advertising campaigns as an opportunity to reach more prospects and increase profitability.

If there’s an accessible digital community of prospective car buyers already researching the vehicles you sell and rating the quality of service of dealerships in your area, shouldn’t you investigate that opportunity?

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