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See how used car prices change over time with CarGurus’ Price Trends tool

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on July 5, 2018

Whether you need help pricing your inventory or you’re looking for insight into what cars to stock, CarGurus can help! We track the prices of millions of used cars and make the data available in our Price Trends tool. Use it to identify seasonal trends, look up average used car prices, or find out which makes and models best hold their value over time.

What does the Price Trends tool do?


The tool lets you see how used car prices change over time—just set your date range and select the types of cars you want to compare. For example, you can see how the pickup truck price trends compare to sedans, or select specific makes and models to look at how the price changes for different model years. You can sort the data by:

  • Body styles
  • Makes
  • Models
  • Specific model years

In addition to seeing how the data charts over time, you can use the Price Trends tool to find out the average price of a used car and how it’s changed within the last 30 days, 90 days, and year.

The pricing tool is here, and it’s linked to in the footer of every page on our main site, so you can start using it today to analyze price trends in the ever-changing marketplace.

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