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Product Update: RPM Premier customers can now advertise on Instagram

Posted by Christine Ahn on April 11, 2023

Exciting news! We have added Instagram retargeting to our Real-time Performance Marketing (RPM) package. This means the inventory-specific social ads, already running on Facebook will now also run on Instagram. The RPM enhancement comes as a way to drive more high-quality shoppers to your dealership website, further optimizing your advertising performance and reach.

What do I need to do to enable Instagram for RPM?

If you already have an RPM Premier, just reach out to your rep to start the activation process.  We’ll also continue to automatically allocate your RPM budget across Facebook and Instagram to optimize performance.

Why is this change important? 

  • Expanded omnichannel reach. Instantly unlock access to more ready-to-buy shoppers by showing your ads on Instagram.
  • Optimized performance. With your budget allocated automatically between Facebook and Instagram, we’ll make sure your vehicles effectively get in front of the most in-market shoppers across multiple digital marketing channels – with no additional work for you.

Ready to expand your dealership’s unique audience? RPM helps you reach an exclusive audience of engaged CarGurus shoppers across multiple channels and drives them directly to your website. Visit or reach out to your CarGurus rep to learn more. 

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