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Guy Kawasaki’s 7 lessons for car dealers: Navigate 2019

Posted by Sarah Pekala on October 31, 2019


Last week, marketing leader and author Guy Kawasaki took the stage at CarGurus Navigate to a room packed with dealers and auto industry partners. In his presentation The Art of Enchantment, Guy shared the specific things individuals and businesses can do to change people’s hearts, minds, and actions.

At the end of the presentation, Guy gave direct advice to the dealers in the room—something he admitted he doesn’t often do during large keynote presentations at other events. He explained, where you influence, enchant, and persuade people is at the intersection of “unique” and “valuable.” If you are a unique and valuable dealer, have unique and valuable products, and are a unique and valuable person, that’s where success lives. But how can you make your dealership unique and valuable? Guy gave his own advice on seven ways car dealers can differentiate themselves. His suggestions range from common and easy-to-implement methods, to bold ideas that would require substantial change and money.

Guy Kawasaki’s 7 Tips for Car Dealers

  1. The first interaction during a test drive shouldn’t be, “let me see your driver’s license.” It takes a little bit of the fun out of the event.
  2. All dealerships should have a smartphone app. I only want to use my phone for texts or apps, not phone calls.
  3. Use text messages to notify customers, not phone calls. Send notifications about service appointments, cancellations, and rescheduling through texts.
  4. Provide free (and fast) Wi-Fi for your customers while they visit your dealership or service centre. Remove the barrier to entry by making it password-free.
  5. Help your customers get to and from your service centre. Consider a two-way shuttle that not only takes your customers where they need to go after they’ve dropped off their vehicle for service, but also picks them back. If that’s logistically not possible, a $10 Uber or Lyft credit works just as well.
  6. Wash and vacuum the car before handing it back to the customer.
  7. Provide routine car maintenance outside the service centre. Routine oil changes at home or at the office saves time and will make you stand out against the others.
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