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Find the pricing sweet spot with new Pricing Tool updates

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on June 5, 2018

We’re working hard to give our dealers more and better tools. We recently launched a few updates to our dealer dashboard that should make it easier for dealers to get the most out of our platform.

Colour coding on the pricing slider


We added colour coding to the slider bar on the pricing tool that shows exactly what it would take to make a vehicle a Great, Good, or Fair Deal. This will make it even easier for dealers to find opportunities to increase prices without knocking a vehicle down to a lower deal rating, as well as where a small price drop could improve the deal rating and search rank.

We also added more information to the pricing tool to help dealers see exactly how each vehicle is performing.

  • How many shoppers have saved that vehicle
  • Total connections, including a breakdown of the types of connections in a hover popup
  • Details on what the search rank is based on

Filter and search updates

We’ve also added new filters in the Pricing Tool to let dealers find any listings without options, and also connected to them from the ‘Listings with Trim Options’ section of the Dealer Insights tool. Since options and trim have a big impact on the Instant Market Value of vehicles, making sure no cars are missing this information is very important. This update will make it easier for our customers to keep their inventory 100% complete and visible to more shoppers.

These updates are live in our Dealer Dashboard, so our customers can start using them right away.

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