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Clutch shares how CarGurus Area Boost helps expand its car-buying audience

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on May 21, 2021

Ben Steffler, Growth Marketer at online automotive retailer Clutch, knows the most effective way to reach in-market shoppers is through the internet. To get his inventory in front of a larger audience, he signed up for CarGurus’ Area Boost, which allows him to show his deliverable listings outside his local market. He’s able to set delivery terms based on geographic parameters or a stated radius around the dealership for each listing with Area Boost, and a tag on each VDP makes it clear who pays the delivery fee. As a result, Clutch’s listings appear in searches by buyers who live outside their local market but within their specified delivery area, which results in more connections from potential buyers.

Clutch has used Area Boost in combination with Featured Priority Listings, which unlocks premium access to the #1 search position on the site, to make it easy for read-to-buy shoppers to find the exact cars they want. As a result, they’ve been able to compete in low-supply markets that they weren’t previously reaching and have seen tremendous value from CarGurus.

Watch the short video below to hear Ben explain how Area Boost has helped his dealership meet shopper demand and increase their shopper connections.

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