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Product Update: RPM Premier customers can now advertise on Instagram

Posted by Christine Ahn on April 11, 2023

Exciting news! We have added Instagram retargeting to our Real-time Performance Marketing (RPM) package. This means the inventory-specific social ads, already running on Facebook will now also run on Instagram. The RPM enhancement comes as a way to drive more high-quality shoppers to your dealership website, further optimizing your advertising performance and reach.

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3 ways to elevate your post-sale experience – and keep customers coming back

Posted by Christine Ahn on March 1, 2023

Take a minute to think about what you’d want a customer to say if asked about their experience with your dealership. Is your waiting room experience unmatched? Do you pride yourself on having every shopper greeted with a smile at the door? Is it easy for shoppers to leave reviews?  

To stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back to your dealership after making a purchase, you need to make sure your dealership provides an unmatched post-sale experience. Read on for three ways to elevate your dealership brand and experience for customers after the sale. 

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