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3 ways to elevate your post-sale experience – and keep customers coming back

Posted by Christine Ahn on March 1, 2023

Take a minute to think about what you’d want a customer to say if asked about their experience with your dealership. Is your waiting room experience unmatched? Do you pride yourself on having every shopper greeted with a smile at the door? Is it easy for shoppers to leave reviews?  

To stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back to your dealership after making a purchase, you need to make sure your dealership provides an unmatched post-sale experience. Read on for three ways to elevate your dealership brand and experience for customers after the sale. 

1. Slide into a customers inbox immediately after the sale 

To take your dealership brand to the next level, you need to create an environment where customers have a good experience every step of the journey, including after they make a purchase. One way to do this is by sending a personalized follow-up email after a customer buys a new car. Keep it simple and use the email to:

  • Thank the customer for their business. 
  • Encourage them to leave a review for your dealership on CarGurus. Reviews are a great way to get feedback on what your dealership is doing well (or not so well). Plus, great reviews will help you earn (or keep!) the CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer Award. 
  • Include the information for your service department, so they can continue their relationship with your business. Better yet, provide your customer with a specific service advisor they can reach out to when they need something. 

By showing customers you care about their needs even after the sale, you’ll increase loyalty and trust in your brand 

2. Create a customer-centric service waiting area  

One of the most important aspects of a customer’s experience is how they feel inside your dealership. As soon as they step inside, let them know you’re there to support their every need.  

Beyond the point they step through your door, there are many other ways to elevate your dealership’s customer experience. One is by offering an outstanding waiting area. Providing amenities like Wi-Fi, a television, magazines, and coffee stations are easy ways to make a good impression but think about going a step further. Outside-the-box amenities such as a kid-friendly play area, a café, or an espresso bar will show customers you’re willing to go above and beyond – and set your dealership apart.  

3. Top it all off with impeccable communication

Put the cherry on top by keeping customers in the loop on wait times and providing relevant updates about their service. Additionally, have your service staff explain what maintenance was done in an easy-to-understand way, why it was needed, and offer recommendations for what might need to be done at their next appointment. Communicating clearly will show your customers that you value their time and know their time is valuable. 

Finally, go the extra mile and follow up with your customers after their appointment to ask them about their experience. Listen to the feedback given, whether positive or negative, and focus on improving your dealership experience to fit your customers’ needs. A happy and satisfied customer builds loyalty and will keep your dealership top of mind when it’s time to get their car serviced again, or even purchase their next vehicle.

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